Zen Shiatsu Therapy

With Zen Shiatsu Therapy Treatment You Will Experience Incredible Results

If you are feeling tired, or have back pain, if you are stressed or can't sleep, if you make hard decisions every day and you need mental balance, this wonderful therapy will help.

Wonders happen after you experience Zen Shiatsu Balanced Touch. Pains disappear, and the body feels easy, energised and relaxed.

With that you can be yourself make wise decisions, and be a good father or mother, partner and friend. This will make you feel as if you are ten years younger, fresh, energized and feeling like on a sunny Sunday morning. 

I do not exaggerate.

Do you know how great your car runs when all the parts are tuned up and function 100%? Well, your body mind and spirit your entire system may function that way too.

We treat every part of your body In Zen Shiatsu Therapy Treatment front and back legs and hands, palms and soles fingers and toes, shoulders and head, every part to balance the flow in the body's energy channels, heal support and strengthen the entire system so now you can work without stress, sleep in one row, and begin your day as fresh as a child.

I also incorporate osteopathic treatment and Reiki energy healing so you get a triple effect. it’s like an extra polish and shines for the car.

Osteopathic treatment restores the energy vibration in the organs and they start functioning at their innate vibration as they suppose to.

You leave my therapy room energised and balanced, ready to face your everyday challenges with new energy.

You can choose two options,

Boost option, 3 sessions in a 10days period or
Maintenance option  1 session per week for a month.

Depending on your needs and the state you are in together we will decide what you need the most.

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What To Expect from Zen Shiatsu Treatment

You will be treated on the comfortable treatment mat, on the floor, and fully clothed. You will feel supported in your entire body. The floor provides a secure space for movement and stretch.


There is a 10 minutes consultation just before the 1st treatment to give me an understanding of you as a person and your health in general. We also discuss how to tailor each treatment, for sessions are unique and given according to your needs at the moment.

During the Zen Shiatsu session, you may experience deep relaxation and it gets deeper once your body starts readjusting session after session, this can sometimes be felt like a meditative state when the mind becomes quiet and stress goes away. The blissful feeling may also appear after receiving shiatsu.

You don’t need to "do" anything during the treatment or help me in any way, just relax and give up your body in my hands.

Together, we will determine the levels of pressure to be applied, depending on the energy distribution in the energy channels in your body and your comfort levels.

In many cases you will feel health improvement, relaxation and energy already after the first session, however, depending on the health issue, three to five treatments would be the most beneficial to the body.

Treatments can be continued to keep you in balance to guarantee the best body-mind-spirit performance for you.

Zen Shiatsu can also be done on a massage table if requested. 

It is recommended to receive Zen Shiatsu treatment in light clothing, so please wear or bring light clothing with you. Tracksuit bottoms or light cotton trousers are ideal. 

Please avoid having a heavy meal or alcohol before treatment. 

Moxa treatment

The name Zen Shiatsu comes from two Japanese words ’’shi’’ (finger) and ’’atsu’’ (pressure),

but a practitioner may also apply pressure using palms, elbows, and knees.

You wear loose clothing for shiatsu, which is usually performed on a mat on the floor. No oil is used in this treatment.

Zen Shiatsu is a therapy that uses finger pressure on weak areas in the body to balanced, to relax the tension and promote well-being while also integrating mind-body-spirit awareness.

The therapy takes its origins in Japan and is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Shiatsu combines the treatment of the meridians and pressure points also stretches, rotations, and pressure applied to the body to restore the healthy flow of energy called Chi in Chinese or Ki in Japanese.

It is a holistic therapy and addresses the whole body instead of focusing on one area where symptoms are most obvious.

Thought to be restoring the right vibration to your physical organs, so body self-healing then takes place easier.

The mindful touch, the presence and the space that is created between practitioner and client are very important elements to facilitate a powerful change and make you feel good. 

There are almost 90.000 Shiatsu therapists in Japan and the life expectancy in Japan is the highest in the world. Maybe it is connected :)

I see shiatsu as one of the most effective therapies to facilitate and support health.

History and Principles of Zen Shiatsu

Shiatsu was formally recognised in the early 20th century, but it has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Some sources claim that basic shiatsu has been existing in Japan since much earlier times.

The theory behind Zen Shiatsu is that the body has energy pathways, or meridians, along which the vital energy flows.

When you are healthy then energy flows freely along these pathways supplying all parts of the body with vital energy.

But when the body has been weakened by poor diet, caffeine, alcohol or emotional stress, energy no longer flows smoothly. It may be deficient in some areas and excessive in others.

The Zen shiatsu practitioner knows these energy pathways as well as the pressure points that are located along the meridians.

Pressure points are essentially areas of high activity and can be treated in a number of ways – finger pressure in Zen Shiatsu, needles in acupuncture or heat in moxibustion.

Restoring Energy Flow

By applying pressure to the active body points, the shiatsu practitioner identifies blockages and imbalances to restore smooth energy flow. 

If the energy is deficient in some areas, then the practitioner introduces energy to that area with the touch.

If some areas are painful, that means there is an excess or stagnation of energy that needs to be balanced. As with any treatment, you are in control of how much pressure you want, but the practitioner usually feels that and adjusts the pressure to your body's needs.

Energy feeling and communication is the speciality of a good shiatsu practitioner. 

Each energy pathway is related to an organ as well as an emotion or mental state making it a little more complicated for the Western mind to understand. 

The traditional oriental model of health and wellness is very different from the Western model and is oriented towards maintaining a healthy balance in the body before something goes seriously wrong. It's also about preserving your Ki, which gets weaker as you age.


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