Minu Lähenemine  

 As human beings, we all have the potential to heal ourselves and others. You only need to develop this skill and everything is possible.  
 Healing Energy is the base of everything visible and invisible. By shaping and moving the energy in the body system, is possible to heal restore and sometimes seemingly do miracles in almost no time.  
 Energy is behind our thoughts, therefore, our thoughts are material. Thought formations in the body system affirmed and crystallized with a belief becomes a running program that either limit you, or helps you in life.  My aim is to entangle these forms, test them and correct them to create smooth and organic energy flow throughout the body and sort out the psychological, mental issues and emotional traumas. 
 like a computer that needs to be tuned up, optimized and updated for its programs to run smoothly, the mind also needs to be tested emptied and maintained to guaranty smooth mental, emotional and spiritual health.
 Spiritual Consultancy is a method I use to gaze and test this mind mechanism to detect any abnormalities and make sure it runs according to the universal laws, or in some cases to redirect and stop harmful believes and toxic habits.

My approach is based on a few basic cornerstones: 

  • Кnowledge and experience directly from the spiritual teacher at the beginning of the spiritual path and in current time.
  • Tai Chi and Chi Kong energy exercises and Transcendental meditation.
  •  Chinese Medicine, that I have studied years ago during Shiatsu Therapy course.     
  • Traditional Japanese Shiatsu and Zen Shiatsu what is a combination of oriental and western medicine.
  • Ninpo Martial Arts that I have studied for nine years.

 I would like to introduce myself as an artist here.

 Some time ago while advertising my services in one of the events I met an art teacher that had an unconventional way to teach painting. SO I took a course and to my own amazement, I discovered yet another ability of mine that was not known to me to exist. I started experimenting with painting and to my own amazement, I have created some art :). The state of mind that I have discovered while painting, is also a good tool to use for helping people to have a better life.
 This is creators state of mind that gives you freedom of choice knowing that whatever you choose on the canvas or paper, whatever medium you will decide to use it will be ok and entirely your decision, there will be no one to judge your creation, there is complete freedom. The parallels can be drawn and the same approach can be applied to life. This way of thinking is very healing in itself, it removes judgment adds spontaneity knowing that whatever road you take in life, it is ok as long as you are conscious of your choices and know the consequence, you have the intention to create good for yourself and others and it serves the good purpose for all
 There are many more to come and they are living, always available to add something to them.