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Have you always wanted to live in the now and enjoy that bliss that it offers?
Have you ever been brave to think that you are already complete eternal and able to enjoy tomorrow's bliss today?

My coaching and mentoring
is not just some woo hoo stuff or some techniques that help you to control and reprogram your subconscious mind.

 It's not even some healing practice or meditation sequence that makes you distant from this world. 

 That you will have to meditate for hours and hours to feel the stillness.

 That you will have to leave your business, your family, and your children for nirvana or some distant enlightenment.

 That you will have to forget about all joy of life and become ascetic, having no intimacy and just concentrating the energy into your third eye while having out of this world experiences.

 Instead, I will invite you to live, love, and like this world that you are in for a limited period of time.

 I will guide you to Accept life, ask for what you want, and experience the best possible life that you may create for yourself.

 I teach and lead you towards a life where you live with your eyes open and where you make choices consciously.

 How to be in peace with yourself and love yourself

 How to have your business work even more efficient

 How to choose your partner and have a meaningful life together, not owning each other but allowing the development of talent and growing together to a valuable experience

 What is the point to jump on and off the spiritual experiences and then suffer when you lose that state because you don’t know how to stay there all the time?

What's the point to entertain your strong beliefs and opinions if they cannot take you an inch from where you are to where you wish to be?

 What's the point of wasting your life on petty things that are not even worth your human life and chasing them as a guarantee of the good life just to discover that it does not give any value to your life?

I can help you to: 

— Rediscover Your Direction in life.

— Create an Always Winning Attitude.

Feel Good regardless of life circumstances.

Understand the Purpose of Your Life.

Evaluate your Life experience from a Spiritual Perspective.

— Understand the flow that becomes available on the Path to Your True Self.

 — Empower Your Mind, connecting it to the Currents of Universal Wisdom.

Use The Power of your Believe to make your brain work for you.

— To discover Your true goals, Your purpose ,Your reality, Your believes. 

— To Leave Your shyness, Your Mediocrity, Your Illusions, Your fears.


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  • From Conflicts With Yourself And Others to Peaceful Coexistence.
  • From dysfunctional parenting to Friendship Based Cooperation with You Children.
  • From Emotional Attachment to Respect and Love.
  • From Agony About the Purpose to here and now Being Happy.
  • From Drifting to Systematic Achievements. 
  • From Outside Oriented Life to Enjoying your Power. 
  • From Bachelor to Happy Relationship.
  • From Fearful Denial to Trusting, Allowing and Self Liberating. 
  • From an unhappy relationship to Fulfilling coexistence.
  • From relying on  Outer Resources to discovering Your Source and Your Original Thought. 

There are currently four ways of working with me: 

Diving Beyond Your Horizons (6 months to 1 year)
Ultimate Transformation Quest (3 Months) 
Celestial Clarity Quest  (1 Month) 
Five Days Intensive 
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