Let's dive into practice.

It is very simple, just sit down and stop thinking, if any thoughts appear do not follow them and just observe them instead.

Follow your breath if keeping your mind empty is rather challenging.

Bring your mind back to silence and focus on the peaceful point in your mind

The Practice of Silence,

The practise of silence is a way to transition from the lower and outer human mind into the higher and deeper divine mind.

If you practice it on the daily bases, It will get you to a higher vibrational reality.

As human beings we are personalities that operate either through higher spiritual nature or through our lower human nature.

One of the principles and laws of spiritual reality is to never brake anyone's free will, therefore the same applies to the processes that happen within us, higher vibrational reality will not appear if we act through our lower human nature.

You cannot act from two places at a time, you are either in your lower nature or in your higher nature that's why you have to silence your lower mind first.

Nowadays as human beings, we tend to attract all sorts of thoughts entering our minds almost every moment, we are either in the past overthinking our experience or in the future contemplating our desires and dreams.

We play different scenarios in our minds, pleasant and fearful, depending on the state of our mind. And the higher is the vibrational frequency of our mind the more joyful thoughts and experience we attract, the lower the frequencies the more fearful are our thoughts.

What actually thinking is?

Our mind is a receiver and transmitter of the energy. Therefore the thoughts are the energy formations that we attract from the outer space into our mind, this energy formation falls into our mind and gives out the vibrational information that we take in as sounds and images in our mind.

It is easy to think.

But have you ever tried not to think and stop attracting thoughts completely and keep your mind empty?

For most of people, it would be rather challenging. You may ask, but why we should even try doing that, we are all thinkers and we have to think?

 And that's ok. But here I would still like to introduce a different approach to your mind, and take you beyond your busy thinking mind.

The Practice of Silence

This practice of silence helps to bring your mental awareness to now, to this moment, and this moment is the key to your higher nature, to your true and not illusionary nature.

  • Imagine being able to observe the thought entering your mind and decide which one to entertain and which one not?
  • Imagine knowing and feeling the thoughts of others about you, and you know that because the thought has an energy vibration of some particular person that you know.
  • Imagine being able to read vibration and read the information of the other person that is far away from you, All that is possible as a benefit from practising this simple technique.


Let's dive into practice.

It is very simple, just sit down and stop thinking, if any thoughts appear do not follow them and just observe them instead.

Follow your breath if keeping your mind empty is rather challenging.

Bring your mind back to silence and focus on one peaceful point in your mind.

If you feel that observing your mind is rather challenging and you are carried away with the thoughts, then dive deeper within you. 

focus deep within your heart and there you will find silence and peace.

Stay in your peace and soon your mind will wear the robe of silence. 

After practicing for a while you will soon notice that the thoughts will start appearing outside of you and that is the signe that you are moving in the right direction.

This practice is very simple but very powerful. Like every practice, it requires some time and determination to master it. In the beginning, it might be difficult and frustrating because it might seem that these thoughts are never going to stop, it looks almost mission impossible when you first time look into your mind and try to stop it.

Your attention keeps following the thoughts, your eyes flickering, you might start drifting and falling asleep when the mind starts shifting into higher frequency energies that your present mind might not yet used to.

But remember, any structure takes time to build. We need to dig the ground, build a strong foundation, have strong and good materials for the outer walls to protect us from the harsh environment.

Building that peaceful space in your mind can be compared to building the physical muscle where some everyday practice effort and commitment is very much needed. You start with small steps and do not expect quick results. In fact, you should not even care for the results, but rather make sure you practice every day and spent time working on your quiet mind.

This same process repeated, again and again, bring the increasing results.

  • You will notice the difference in your thinking, solutions that come to your clearer mind.
  • You will notice the peace that takes over you after you do this practice. This peace and energy come from your divinity.
  • That peaceful space that you create, is the window to your divine nature, to your true self to appear in your life.

Our lower mind in its vortexes cannot perceive things that the higher mind is capable of. Living in the lower nature we cannot observe and perceive our true selves neutrally while being in the states of higher mind we can observe both higher and lower nature movements.

Another benefit of being in the higher self is the depth of vision. The same ordinary experiences that we live through every day, can be perceived by a higher mind in much more depth. the past experiences that we have lived some time or a long time ago, in our childhood, can be relived again through the vision and integrated view of the higher mind, transforming the past and changing the state of our overall system in the present moment.

Lower mind

Living in a lower mind is constant error, not even knowing that we create distorted and fragmented pictures in our mind, therefore creating not very pleasant life situations throughout.

Some yogis and sages called this lower state of minds nature the ignorant one. People existing in this lower nature perceive thing in duality, with the never stopping thinking process. 

  • They create the circumstances, and the life they consciously or unconsciously want, and when things come to them, they do not recognise it as its own making and they constantly blame circumstances for their lives are not going the way they want. 
  • They are getting angry or frustrated about things, or very happy one day and unhappy with the same situation or person next day. 
  • They have strong unshakable opinions about other people and circumstances and get disappointed when situations or people change, making them unhappy, All these extremes create changing moods ranging from depression to euphoria, and from excitement to disappointment. 
  • People in lower nature constantly creates excuses for everything, of why things happen to them and for them and always find someone to blame. 
  • They usually suffer themselves and create nightmares for others. And this carry over goes on and on through life and people get so deep into this routine that they perceive it as a single and unquestionable reality. They stay stuck in these situations and even worse, start hating others if others succeed.

There are few other methods to draw you in a state of your higher nature.

  • Sincere prayer for good and wellbeing of someone else.

 When you pray for someone else then you direct the energy through you and out of you. Therefore prayer and this practice can be combined together, where you can pray for someone and contemplate the silence that appears in your mind after.

  • Talking to Divine.

Speak out to Divine within you all fears, talk about challenges that you may experience.  Speak out all the troubles that you may be going through in your life, also speak the good things that you have in life. Speak about everything and anything you want. Open up and speak like to your best friend, This connection will create sincerity in you.

Speaking everything openly while not hiding or withholding anything creates sincerity.

You become sincere. Sincerity is the state of clarity where you have nothing to hide and admit everything openly.

You empty yourself.

Whatever you choose to do, your ultimate goal should be to make your being clear and clean from all the troubles and burdens of your lower nature.

Remember, Divine is always available to everyone and radiates only love and nothing else but love, therefore Creator's desire for us is to be happy and filled with love every single moment of our lives.

Creator wishes nothing else for us but just that. So the way to connect to that Great Source and Centre’s Energy is through the silence and clarity. Through tranquil sincere and silent mind.


The practice of silence is one of the ways out because it gives you increasing controls over your thought and your being, and thoughts as you know creates our reality.

So Dive into the silence!

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