About Me

Valdas Pranskevicius  (RPSSI, FwSS, Reiki III) 

My path in holistic healing methods started in the 1990s. 

I suffered from severe eczema and depression in relation to it and after a long searching for the natural way to treat eczema I have finally discovered and created an effective system to eliminate it quite quickly. 

After trying this method on other people I saw similar results were in some cases the healing would take place just in a few weeks. 

A few years later 1991 I met my spiritual teacher that I was fortunate to be with and observe for four years. 

The very core knowledge about the flow of the energy, that I have learned to feel, created a strong base for the way I see life now. 

The experience and tips that I have learned from my teacher and was able to apply in my life has created a holistic approach to health and life in general. 

Life has never been the same since.

The value that I can provide to my customer is based on the knowledge , constant self-development  and experience in the spiritual health field . 

(The ability to tailor my approach  from a variety of experience and, to present it in a very simple and practical way is one of my strenghts )

Using energy-sensing as a base in my practice, I have discovered my natural ability to facilitate healing processes for others and myself.   

I have studied Shiatsu, Chi Kong, Amatsu Tatara, NLP,  and various other healing techniques and use them to release deep-seated trauma, habits and limiting believes that may cause health problems. My 20 years yoga and meditation practice gave me an in-depth understanding of human nature.  

I help to heal eczema and dermatitis in adults and children, using the combination of selected and effective methods which I have discovered throughout the years of suffering. 

In 1995 I began practicing Integral Yoga by Sri Aurobindo and Mother. The methods of this yoga helped me to see other people deeper while I have also uncovered my true spiritual nature.  

Currently, I am completing the book on my discoveries. I will also publish some chapters on my website here. 

I have also seen the benefits of Hawaiian healing methods that came my way later and Ho Oponopono was one of them. 

This method can be used for deep self-healing and has another benefit for you – you become conscious and take responsibility for your life as the first step to your complete holistic healing.

In 2003, after exploring a number of different healing modalities available to me I have decided to become a Shiatsu Therapist and, in 2006 have graduated from The Irish School of Shiatsu with Josephine Lynch, Ann Dreschler and Shirley McLure. I have studied Traditional Japanese Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu by Shizuto Masunga, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have also studied Anatomy and physiology, which was on the course. This complete course was truly an invaluable experience that transformed me into a professional practitioner.

The same year I have started my Martial Arts training. Ninpo, the very traditional and ancient Japanese Martial art gave me yet another perspective on human health and in 2009 brought me to Japan to train directly with a Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura. Besides the beautiful and elegant martial art, I've also got some knowledge about healing during the war times, when people had to take care of themselves in very extreme circumstances and use what is available to stay alive and healthy.  Spinal correction, sports injuries for martial artists, and sports professionals is now one of my specialties.

While living in Ireland I have experimented with animal healing. Horses and dogs were also among my patients :)

In 2015 I have studied reflexology With the London school of reflexology. Then created my unique signature reflexology treatment that has rather Traditional Chinese Medicine approach. this course added to my professional carrier so I can tailor my treatments to the needs of a customer. 

Every year I take courses and workshops that make me evolve as a healer and therapist in order to understand the nature of human beings and to provide a better quality of life to the customer. I also provide courses and mentor others in different healing modalities. I do make an effort to evolve in my professional field all the time through practice and experience. Seeing people happy, content, free from their own limitations, healthy and enjoying life, inspires me to advance in this holistic healing field.

Valdas Pranskevicius